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"Horizon" By NOMADS


Based on a part of the original story written by NOMADS that accompanies their latest album "When Those Around Us Leave", "Horizon" is about self-rediscovery through the beauty and tranquility of artful expression.


Daver Jennings as Nicholson
Meghan Norcross as Nicholson's wife
Mathew Tyler Jordan as Nicholson's father
Aiden Paulett as Young Nicholson 

Directed by Daver Jennings

Written by Elijah Bisbee

Adapted for the screen by Elijah Bisbee & Daver Jennings

Cinematography by Mathew Tyler Jordan

Additional camera work by Elijah Bisbee, Jamie McArthur & Meghan Norcross

Edited by Jamie McArthur

Artwork by Janel Dziesinski

Production Design & Makeup by Meghan Norcross

Sound by Mathew Tyler Jordan

Special thanks to Colin Gastelle, Rachel Escobar, Lauren Jennings, Kevin Rush, Maggie

Shot on Canon

Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio