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The Sea of Noise

The Sea of Noise

"Even with dedication, preparation, determination, refined talent, practice and poise, lies a sea between you and greatness. Through your journey, you will encounter countless pessimists, doubters, charlatans and downright haters. But if you stay true to yourself and your passion, you will overcome any adversary and be able to look back out at the sea of noise from the other side. There is no repose through the sea of noise and there are no shortcuts. To master the journey, you must stand out, be different, and always remain true. And only then, can you become a giant." 

This is a project we did for The Giant Maker, LLC. Find out how to break through the sea of noise at thegiantmaker.com.


Directed, edited and shot by Daver Jennings

Voice over by Daver Jennings

Produced by Demetrious Reed

Featuring Rod Bailey Jr.

Special thanks to Jim Stewart | Jim Stewart Recording

Music by Makeup And Vanity Set - "Memory Cycle"

Shot on a Panasonic GH4

Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio