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The Giant Maker

Clarify your message and know your audience. For more information, check out thegiantmaker.com

The Sea of Noise

"Even with dedication, preparation, determination, refined talent, practice and poise, lies a sea between you and greatness. Through your journey, you will encounter countless pessimists, doubters, charlatans and downright haters. But if you stay true to yourself and your passion, you will overcome any adversary and be able to look back out at the sea of noise from the other side. There is no repose through the sea of noise and there are no shortcuts. To master the journey, you must stand out, be different, and always remain true. And only then, can you become a giant." This is a project we did for The Giant Maker, LLC. Find out how to break through the sea of noise at thegiantmaker.com.

Lauren Lanzaretta - “Something Won’t Let Me Drown”

"Something Won’t Let Me Drown" is a soul/gospel piano ballad written, produced and performed by Lauren Lanzaretta, and is the first single from her upcoming album “Deliverance”. Background vocals performed by Jon & Brianne Bryant. Strings produced by Alex Hitchens. Violin performed by Rachel Huch. Cello performed by Ellie Glorioso-Wible. Sound engineering and mixing by Jim Stewart. Mastered by Dan Millice, Engine Room Audio. Recorded at Jim Stewart Recording Studio, Cleveland, OH. Directed, edited and shot by Daver Jennings. Produced by Demetrious Reed. Shot on a Panasonic GH4 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lauren Lanzaretta - Behind The Scenes of “See To Believe”

Behind the scenes footage from the filming of Lauren Lanzaretta's music video for "See To Believe". "See To Believe" releases in January 2016. Directed and edited by Daver Jennings. Camera by Jamie McArthur and Daver Jennings. Sound by Mathew Tyler Jordan. Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio. For more info about Lauren Lanzaretta, please check out www.laurenlanzaretta.com.

7 Ways CEAI Helps Educators

For more information, please check out ceai.org. Directed by Daver Jennings. Produced by Demetrious Reed. Edited by Daver Jennings. In association with Mosaik Multimedia.

Collective Destiny Cohort Trailer

Collective Destiny is made up of everyday ordinary creatives & entrepreneurs who are ready to chase their dreams. Business, Social, and Spiritual endeavors. For more information, check out collectivedestiny.com. Directed by Daver Jennings. Produced by Kevin Rush and Daver Jennings. Cinematography by Daver Jennings. Sound by Mathew Tyler Jordan. Assistant Camera  Jamie McArthur. Edited by Daver Jennings. Special thanks to: Elijah Bisbee, Mikaela Clark, Mackenzie Clevenger Valley, Jeff Finley, Jeff Campbell, Kevin Rush, and NOMADS. Music: "The River Bends" by NOMADS (nomads.bandcamp.com). Shot on Canon. 


Based on a part of the original story written by NOMADS that accompanies their latest album "When Those Around Us Leave", "Horizon" is about self-rediscovery through the beauty and tranquility of artful expression. Daver Jennings as Nicholson. Meghan Norcross as Nicholson's wife. Mathew Tyler Jordan as Nicholson's father. Aiden Paulett as Young Nicholson. Directed by Daver Jennings. Written by Elijah Bisbee. Adapted for the screen by Elijah Bisbee & Daver Jennings. Cinematography by Mathew Tyler Jordan. Additional camera work by Elijah Bisbee, Jamie McArthur & Meghan Norcross. Edited by Jamie McArthur. Artwork by Janel Dziesinski. Production Design & Makeup by Meghan Norcross. Sound by Mathew Tyler Jordan. Special thanks to Colin Gastelle, Rachel Escobar, Lauren Jennings, Kevin Rush, and Maggie. Shot on Canon. Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pedals by Peter

An original short documentary that glimpses into the world of musical engineering and pedal fashioning, as told by Peter Jennings. Directed & shot by Daver Jennings. Edited by Jamie McArthur. Sound by Mathew Tyler Jordan. Assistant camera work by Jamie McArthur. Music by Peter Jennings. "Life Will Get Better Someday" by The Mint Chicks (http://www.themintchicks.com/). "Spring Rain" by Aaron Ximm (http://www.quietamerican.org/). "Hot on Your Heels" by The Mint Chicks (http://www.themintchicks.com/). Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Tale of Bloody Mary

Four friends find their world turned upside down after playing a "harmless" Halloween game in 4181 Studio's Halloween Special. Performed by Daver Jennings, Meghan Norcross, Mathew Tyler Jordan, Jamie McArthur. Directed by Daver Jennings & Jamie McArthur. Makeup by Meghan Norcross. Edited by Jamie McArthur. Sound Design by Mathew Tyler Jordan & Alec Miller. Shot on Canon.

Manly Things

The blithesome & heartening tale of a man rediscovering his masculinity through manual labor. Starring: Mathew Jordan & Meghan Norcross. Written & Directed by Daver Jennings. Director of Photography Jamie McArthur. Camera by Daver Jennings. Production Assistants: Lauren Jennings, Mathew Tyler Jordan, Meghan Norcross, Jamie McArthur. Edited by Jamie McArthur. Music: "Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegro" by Advent Chamber Orchestra (freemusicarchive.org/music/Advent_Chamber_Orchestra/Selections_from_the_2005-2006_Season/Advent_Chamber_Orchestra_-_04_-_Mozart_-_A_Little_Night_Music_allegro). Shot on Canon.

Mr. Wrigley

This is our first narrative short film. Mr. Wrigley was made for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge and was shot in one take. Inspired by the Mystery of the Somerton Man, Mr. Wrigley is about an unknown man who is found dead on a beach under bizarre circumstances.

CityBreaks Studio

This is a short video about CityBreaks Studio founder and BBOY (Breakdancer) Daisun "BzBroox" Santana of the Mighty Zulu Kingz. The studio is located in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information about CityBreaks Studio please check out: citybreakscle.com. Directed by Daver Jennings. Produced by Justin Clark & Daver Jennings. Cinematography by Daver Jennings & Jamie McArthur. Edited by Jamie McArthur. Sound by Justin Clark & Jamie McArthur. Color correction by Daver Jennings & Jamie McArthur. Music: "Quittin' Time" by Patrick Lee (patrickleemusic.com/), "NeVe" by Manuele Atzeni (wmrecordings.com). Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio.

I Survived College Official Promo

This is a promotional video for I Survived College (isurvivedcollege.com). I Survived College is a social network driven by students for students. For more info, please check out: isurvivedcollege.com.

I Survived College Proposal

This is a promotional video for I Survived College (isurvivedcollege.com). This video is a time-lapse briefly highlighting the events college students may go through during their journey from acceptance to graduation and beyond. The marriage proposal shown in this video is an actual real life marriage proposal between the two actors, Zach and Kelly.